Healthy Living Workshops/Seminars

We are able to address many different topics, including; low back injury prevention, nutrition and stress reduction. The employer can decide on the number, frequency of talks, along with the topics. These talks can be done before, during or after an employees shift, depending on convenience.

Some topics include:

Low Back Injury Prevention

This presentation focuses on the proven keys to reduce the risk of low back injuries. Educating and motivating employees to take an active role in maintaining low back health will be the central theme. Employees will be informed of potential risk, short and long term prevention strategies and the importance of early warning signs.

Reducing Employee Stress

This presentation will provide employees with information on how to manage and reduce their stress. Employees will understand the physical effects of stress and how to identify which tools will work for them individually. In addition, they will learn the key signs that indicate they need professional assistance and how to get that help.

A Healthier You

This presentation focuses on general wellness goals. It covers everything from nutrition and exercise to healthy lifestyle choices and avoiding chronic disease. It provides tips on goal setting, breaking bad habits and how to continually motivate ourselves to better living.

Have a specific workshop in mind? We can create something to engage and inform your employees!

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