Little Canada Chiropractor

  • Dr. Laura Dronen
  • Graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Dr. Jason Smith
  • Graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University

Meet Dr. Laura Dronen and Dr. Jason Smith, Doctors of Chiropractic in St. Paul, MN. Both are active members of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association.

Their family-friendly chiropractic clinic is passionate about total body wellness and the treatment of:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Acute injuries
  • Chronic injuries

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Chiropractic Center Service

Chiropractic Adjustment

Little Canada Chiropractic Adjustment

Our Little Canada chiropractors are devoted to treating problems such as back pain by getting right to the root of the problem. If you’ve been suffering back pain, you may already know that medication does nothing more than mask the symptoms of the pain. But a professional chiropractic adjustment will fix common causes such as a spinal alignment issues. Our doctors offer a variety of services in our Little Canada chiropractic clinic and can customize an adjustment to suit your needs. A chiropractic adjustment not only helps alleviate pain; it also helps prevent future pain and injuries from occurring. Feel free to call and schedule a personal consultation today!

Sports Chiropractic

Sports Chiropractic in Little Canada

Back pain related to sports injuries can be very serious and disrupt your ability to live a healthy, normal, productive lifestyle. Whether you’ve thrown your back out playing an aggressive sport, or you’re just experiencing discomfort during physical activity, a consultation with a Little Canada chiropractor can produce instant results that will help keep you in the game. Proper spinal alignment not only helps alleviate existing pain, it can also help you avoid future sports related injuries. It might even improve how well you play based on how great you feel! Call our Little Canada chiropractors today for a consultation.

Corporate Chiropractor

Corporate Chiropractor in Little Canada

Employers seeking a way to increase overall employee satisfaction while also improving work productivity will recognize the true value that comes in offering a corporate chiropractor program as a benefit to employees. Intense or frequent back pain can cause employees to miss work and decrease productivity; ultimately affecting your bottom line. But it is a treatable condition that you can help your hard working employees care for and prevent! We offer a variety of cost effective solutions for corporate programs in our Little Canada chiropractor clinic; please call us today for a personalized consultation!

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