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Snow shoveling and your back


4 Tips to Protect Your Back When Shoveling

Living in Minnesota means living with snow. And for most of us, that means shoveling. What do you need to know before you head out to tackle that driveway makes a difference in how you might feel after. Upper and lower back pain following shoveling is something we see here at McCarron Lake Chiropractic over and over throughout the winter.

To prevent an injury in the first place, here are four tips.

Stretch before you begin. Shoulder rolls and basic neck and low back range of motion will gently warm up your muscles and get them ready.

Use proper lifting techniques. Bend at your knees to lift the snow instead of bending at the waist.

Keep the weight of the snow and shovel close to your body. Move the snow to where you want to drop it avoiding big twisting, throwing motions.

Wear boots with good traction. It’s easy to slip and fall and injure yourself while shoveling, so be careful.

If you, unfortunately, are feeling pain and stiffness following shoveling, make an appointment with us and we will be able to evaluate the injury and get you right back to enjoying the better parts of living in Minnesota.