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Summer Activities and Chiropractic Care

Supporting Summer Activities with Chiropractic Care

Summer is in full swing and this means increased activities. These can include sports, gardening or home improvement projects. In fact, according to the National Gardening Association, two out of three American households take part in some gardening activity each year. Chores vary regionally but include raking leaves, transplanting trees and shrubs, planting spring-flowering bulbs and perennials, removing dead branches from trees, controlling troublesome weeds, and lawn mowing. Whether you’re a master gardener or budding amateur, keep these safety tips in mind.

  • Keep your back erect when working at ground level and when using long-handled tools, such as spades and rakes.
  • Bend at your knees and hips to lift objects.
  • Alternate or use both arms whenever possible.
  • Keep your elbows bent.
  • Don’t rest your body weight on your elbows.
  • Work below shoulder level whenever possible. If you must work above shoulder level, perform the task for five minutes or less.

Chiropractic adjustments are a must. If you happen to injure yourself, get in to see us! Better yet, get checked regularly to help avoid injury in the first place. A well-balanced, flexible spine helps prevent injuries, improves energy and allows you to be more productive.

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Dr. Laura Dronen

Dr. Dronen graduated in 2001 from Northwestern Health Sciences University with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. She enjoys treating families including children of all ages, pregnant women and those suffering from injuries (car accidents, work injuries, or sports injuries).