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The Truth About Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic and Pregnancy: 7 Facts Every Woman Should Know

If you’re pregnant, here are 7 reasons to consider chiropractic care!

Roughly one-half of all mothers-to-be suffer from low back pain and many doctors now agree that pregnancy-related low back pain can be helped with chiropractic care.

The following may be said about Chiropractic care during pregnancy:

  • Safe for both mother and unborn baby.
  • Controls your symptoms of nausea.
  • Reduces your labor and delivery time.
  • Increases your likelihood of full-term delivery.
  • Relieves back, neck and /or joint pain as your body changes.
  • Maintains a healthier pregnancy.
  • Maintains a healthier baby.

We are committed to providing gentle, chiropractic care to pregnant women. We enjoy working with women during this exciting, yet stressful time in their lives to make their pregnancy wonderful. Not only do we treat women, but we are a clinic that emphasizes pain-free living for the entire family. If you know of anyone that is pregnant or even just someone suffering from aches and pains…please invite them in to see us. We truly value the trust you have shown us through the years.

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Dr. Laura Dronen

Dr. Dronen graduated in 2001 from Northwestern Health Sciences University with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. She enjoys treating families including children of all ages, pregnant women and those suffering from injuries (car accidents, work injuries, or sports injuries).