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Is Surgery The Right Answer?

Is Surgery Really The Answer To Treat And Manage Your Pain?

Surgery May Be Best Option After Other Options Explored
Surgery may be your best option, but only after other options have been examined.

In most cases, if surgery can be avoided it should. Surgery of any kind is invasive, and can often be exceptionally demanding on your physical and mental health. Surgery is also not a sure fire fix, and often times can result in complications. With that said, sometimes surgery is the right answer, but before coming to that conclusion it is crucial to seek out alternative treatments.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is a holistic form of health care that is tremendously effective in both treating and managing pain. Holistic care is an important element of chiropractic for its goal is lifelong recovery. Chiropractic care revolves around fostering the health and stability of your body by creating stability and promoting functionality.

Often times, surgery does not fix the source of the pain, merely the symptom, resulting in the inevitability of the pain returning. Chiropractic techniques are non-invasive and promote healing your pain at its source. This is a huge advantage of chiropractic care. The fact that chiropractic is a natural form of healthcare ensures that foreign substances or materials are never introduced into your body.

Whereas surgery pinpoints a certain area of the body for treatment, chiropractic care seeks out the treatment of the entire body. The epicenter of your body’s physical capability revolves primarily around the spine. Chiropractic techniques keep vertebrae moving smoothly. When this process breaks down nerves can become irritated and cause pain in other parts of your body. Therefore- you may be experiencing pain or numbness in your fingers, but it is caused by a pinched nerve in your upper back or neck.

A Holistic Approach to Health Care

This holistic approach that incorporates the entire body can more effectively treat ailments that many believe can only be healed through an operation. Some common ailments that you may want to see a chiropractor before a surgeon include:

Herniated Discs

Herniated discs are often referred to as ruptured, slipped, or bulged discs and occur when a disc slides from its place penetrating the spinal canal and placing pressure on surrounding nerves. It is important to note that there are many different degrees of a herniated disc ranging from slight pain resulting in light tingling sensations in the extremities to severe pain and loss of function in a leg or hand.

Herniated discs have become more and more common due to the way we work, and our dependence on technology. Since so many of us work at a computer, we tend to slouch as we hunker down on our computer. Over time this bad posture can lead to a herniation. Along with computers, smartphones have been known to cause pain in the neck and back, in the same way as computers for most of us look downwards at our phone creating a significant amount of tension that builds every time we check our phone, which in severe cases can cause a herniated disc.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Like herniated discs, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is on the rise due to our heightened use of technology. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome typically presents itself as a result of repetitive motions, like typing on your computer all day. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome typically centers around pain or numbness in the wrist, and in extreme cases can result in loss of wrist function.

These are two common ailments that surgery may be recommended for, and possibly rightfully so. Surgery is necessary in some cases. However, surgery presents a significant amount of risks that chiropractic care does not. An expert chiropractor will be able to assess your herniated disc, for instance, and will advise you to get surgery if he or she believes it is a necessary step.

Chiropractic care will not only place you on a road to a more pain-free life through adjustments and massage techniques but by supplying you with a solid foundation. Through exercise, nutrition, and stretching an expert chiropractor puts together a plan to encompass and support all directions of your health.

Surgery may be the right answer for you, but it should never be the first option. Contacting an experienced chiropractor will give you a platform in which a well thought out and a researched decision can be made.

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Dr. Laura Dronen

Dr. Dronen graduated in 2001 from Northwestern Health Sciences University with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. She enjoys treating families including children of all ages, pregnant women and those suffering from injuries (car accidents, work injuries, or sports injuries).