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What Is Chiropractic?

Dr. Laura Dronen ~ Chiropractor

Chiropractic is based on applying scientific fact to stimulating your body’s own remarkable resources. These self-regulating and self-healing functions are controlled by your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. When the nervous system is impaired through illness, injury or stress it can cause tissues and organs throughout the body to function poorly. Doctors call this degenerative chain reaction the vertebral subluxation complex. It is an underlying cause of many health problems.


The vertebral subluxation can also cause other problems besides nerve irritation. The muscles and ligaments that are attached to the spinals bones are stretched. Muscles and ligaments are very pain sensitive and if they are being irritated this can produce localized pain in the neck, head, middle back and lower back.

With chiropractic’s hands-on, drug-free health care approach, millions have found a healthier lifestyle through diet, exercise and maintaining proper spinal function.

What Does A Chiropractor Do?

Dr. Jason Smith - Chiropractor

Dr. Jason Smith ~ Chiropractor

A chiropractor uses his/her hands to help heal your body. We use what is called the chiropractic adjustment. It is a very safe and gentle way to remove the nervous interference and stress to the muscles and ligaments which occurs with daily activities. A chiropractor is also a teacher. They explain the workings of your body to you, as well as how it is effected by different ailments.


Our Health Care Goals:

We at McCarron Lake Chiropractic have the same goals that you have as you walk in our office; to get you better…fast. We use everything at our disposal to improve your health. We also utilize the services of some of the best neurologists, radiologists and orthopedists in the Twin Cities. Once your pain has been eliminated, we do everything to keep you there. This includes the services of nutritional counseling and exercise training. By maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle, you can enjoy your future without the worry of disease/pain.


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