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Dr. Dronen graduated in 2001 from Northwestern Health Sciences University with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. She enjoys treating families including children of all ages, pregnant women and those suffering from injuries (car accidents, work injuries, or sports injuries).

  • Snow shoveling and your back

    Living in Minnesota means living with snow. And for most of us, that means shoveling. What do you need to know before you head out to tackle that driveway makes a difference in how you might feel after. Upper and lower back pain following shoveling is something we see here atMcCarron Lake Chiropractic over and over throughout the winter.


  • Do you sit or stand at a desk all day?

    Things to look for when picking out the right office chair:


    Thighs should be parallel to the ground.

    Forearms should be parallel to the work surface.

    A good guide line...

  • Buyer beware. The Greek Yogurt Trend.

    With no legal definition of Greek yogurt. How do we know if what we are eating is really Greek Yogurt!? With Greek yogurt’s popularity rising, people are choosing to switch from traditional yogurt to Greek yogurt. So what is the difference you may ask? Yogurt is made by bacterial fermentation of milk or in simpler terms milk is heated, bacteria are added...

  • Keep Employees Happy And Healthy With On-Site Chiropractic Care

    As employee wellness programs continue to expand, more and more employers are adding on-site  chiropractic care to their list of benefits. This popular service has benefits for both the employer and employees who use the service and should be a part of every company's wellness program.

    When a company...

  • Chiropractic Care During And After Pregnancy

    Pregnant and postpartum women have few options when it comes to pain relief. They can't or may not want to take medications that may affect their baby, but their changing bodies demand some form of relief from the strain of carrying a baby, both during pregnancy and after giving birth.

    Chiropractic care can help pregnant women and new momsmanage...

  • Incorporating Massage And Physical Therapy Into Your Chiropractic Care

    Many times when we have stiff or sore muscles that are causing us discomfort, physicians will recommend physical therapy, massage or chiropractic care to helpmanage the pain and fix the underlying issue that is causing it. While each of these treatments can be effective on its own, sometimes a combination of physical therapy, chiropractic and/or massage is a...

  • Managing Osteoarthritis With Chiropractic Care

    Osteoarthritis can be a debilitating disease that affects all aspects of your life. Depending on which joints are affected, this chronic form of arthritis can make it hard to perform simple day-to-day tasks, and live life to the fullest. To make matters worse, it is incurable and progressive, which means it will only get worse. In many situations, sufferers...

  • Treating Sports Injuries With Chiropractic Care

    Treat Sports Injuries With Chiropractic Care

    Athletes are generally in peak form and know their bodies well. So when something isn't working right or is causing them pain, they are quick to seek treatment for it. One type of treatment that athletes at all levels are swearing by is chiropractic.

    Often associated with neck and back...

  • Nightmares Relieved: A Case Study

    As Reported By: D. Heagy & C. Warren - Journal Of Pediatric, Maternal M. McCoy, "Research Update: The Mundane, Miracles & Chiropractic (April 20, 2011).

    A 10 year old girl who had suffered with headaches since two years old began having nightmares at the age of seven. Multiple times a night she would wake up screaming with nightmares.

  • Is Surgery The Right Answer?

    In most cases, if surgery can be avoided it should. Surgery of any kind is invasive, and can often be exceptionally demanding on your physical and mental health. Surgery is also not a sure fire fix, and often times can result in complications. With that said, sometimes surgery is the right answer, but before coming to that conclusion it is crucial to seek...

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